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Many plants and animals appearing here are also available (usually downscaled versions) at my wpclipart site, where I release them into the Public Domain.

About Hiking Images

The trails with pictures you'll see here are mostly taken in the northern section of the Cherokee National Forest, specifically in the Unaka Mountain Wilderness area. I love to hike, and I (nearly) equally enjoy taking pictures.

So I put this site up to share...

Hiking Adventures

March 20, 2011.
Doing a bit of off-trail climbing from the Rattlesnake Trail trying to reach a rocky knoll. I was cutting through some thick scrub when I saw something furry just a few steps in front of me, and when ( a second or two later) I realized it was a bear cub -- I backed up then trotted very quickly back down to the trail.

(Figuring that getting between Mom and her cubs might not be a good place for me.)

But once back on the trail I heard/smelled/saw nothing, so after catching my breath I SLOWLY made my way back up to take a picture. Keeping my eyes, nose and ears alert for any sign of mama bear. Luckily she must have been quite a ways off foraging, for I managed to quickly take a picture and scurry off before I was detected.


At right is a picture of Dick's Creek (lower) Falls. I save waterfall hikes for mostly cloudy days because I can't get a good shot if the sun is shining.

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I spend a lot of time admiring all the plants and wildflowers. At right is a Crown Vetch, which looks like an over-sized purple clover.

Taken on May 25, 2010 along the Erwin Linear Trail.

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At right is a Red-spotted Newt, a kind of salamander. They start life in water, as tadpoles, spend another year or two as these colorful forest dwellers, before returning to the water..

Taken May 23, 2010

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Image Use

All photos are by me (Paul Sherman) and may be reused under Creative Commons Atrribution License. Many versions of these images are also available on my wpclipart site, in the animals and plants sections. The versions I post on the clip art site I make public domain.)


Wildflowers and plants. Lots of wildflowers...

Many (especially waterfowl) are from Erwin Linear Trail.

Only pictures of those on public land, so you can visit yourself w/o hassle.

Beauty Spot
Flowers and berries and critters -- a guide up to Beauty Spot with great shots along the trail.

Unaka Overlook
A 5 mile trek out of Rock Creek Park. Not part of AT, this is my "pet" trail. Awesome view.

Erwin Linear Trail
Photos and mapping of the trail that runs the length of Erwin along the North Indian Creek and the Nolichucky River.

Appalachian Trail
Photos, scenic and plants mostly, from day hikes along the AT.

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