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Many plants and animals appearing here are also available (usually downscaled versions) at my wpclipart site, where I release them into the Public Domain.

Appalachian  Critters


Gosling with Parents

Lots of goslings and ducklings around in May. Erwin Linear Trail has several families waddling around, especially by the pond with the fishing pier.

This small family was further out, behind some trees, and was leisurely foraging...

Photographed along Erwin Linear Trail, 05/2010.

Ducklings Napping

A lazy, warm afternoon.

Duck Hen

This is the mother of the snoozing ducklings.She was just "hovering" around keeping an eye out for trouble...

Great Blue Heron


The most skiddish bird I know -- tough to get close to. I spotted a couple of these several times on the southern portion of the Erwin Lineart Trail early in April -- but as the number of people walking and cycling down the path incresed with the warm weather, I see them very seldom now (late May.)

There's one in every pond...

Yes, I know birds relax by standing on one leg. They balance on one leg much more easily, and their legs can "lock up" in position, allowing them to rest and even drift off for a nap while standing.

It's just that while I spent all that time staring at him with my monopod-mounted camera, it looked like he was doing that one-legged thing with a smile on his bill.
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Great Spangled Fritillary, Swallowtail......

Ducks, Blue Heron, White Egret, Green Heron...

Timber Rattlesnake, Black Rat Snake...

Attacking ants, grasshoppers...

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