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Many plants and animals appearing here are also available (usually downscaled versions) at my wpclipart site, where I release them into the Public Domain.

Appalachian  Critters


Carpenter Bee on Redbud tree

This is an eastern carpenter bee (Xylocopa virginica) -- and early every Spring (or just prior to spring) I see these bees working the blooming redbuds by the hundreds. Their long tongues are needed for getting at the redbud nectar, so you won't catch a bumblebee on a redbud.

These bees are often mistaken for bumblebees, but the carpenter is larger and has a shiny belly, as opposed to the hairy one on a bumblebee.

They nest in wood, and sometimes, to the consternation of homeowners, find a home in older wooden patios... but these bees are not a danger. Males don't even have stingers. Females do, but you'd really have to grab ahold of one to get it to sting you... I took pictures for about 40 minutes, sitting on a rock between branches and had my 35mm macro right on top of the bees and even bumping against them several times, and they did not even act annoyed.

Photographed 03/20/2012

You can also visit wpclipart and use the Public Domain version.

Grasshopper in August

Walking along the Linear Path in Erwin on a hot, lazy, sunny afternoon in early August. Everything alive is swelling or growing or crawling or hopping from the woods and streams and trees... all this life that isn't "us" seems to be taking over everything... vines crossing roads using power lines, groundhogs calmly munching in the fields, deer loping about down by the river, rabbits munching alongside the road, snakes crawling across the path -- they're everywhere. And the bugs. OMG, the bugs.

And here's this grasshopper. On a fence -- he did not jump away in fright when I got near. Didn't even flinch. Can he feel that the invasion is nearly complete? A grasshopper in August. Pure belligerence.

Ladybug on Mimosa

The ever-popular ladybug, the eater of aphids and farmer's friend... here seen walking along a young Mimosa (Silk Tree) branch. Nice contrast of colors.

Photographed 06/06/2011

Grasshopper Approaching

Some creepy looking mandibles.

Ant Attack

I can't help but feel sorry for the catepillar. But, circle of life and all of that...

Japanese Beetle

Popillia japonica

Unintentionally imported from Japan in the early 1900s, the species is quite a pest, eating the leaves and damaging many types of plants, including a lot of crop plants.

Clumsy fliers.

Dragonfly in Flight

Good focus practice with my all-manual 300mm 10lb lens. Also good exercise.

Shot from from above along a wooden bridge that spans "Turtle Pond" along the Erwin Linear Trail.

Carolina Grasshopper

Dissosteira carolina

In the woods, along the trails and roads, there are always dried leaves all year round. And since the Carboniferous Era, some 300 million years ago, what is now called the Carolina Grasshoppper has been well camouflaged among them.

Dogbane Leaf Beetle

Chrysochus auratus (Fabricius)

So named because they like to eat the leaves of dogbane, also seem to enjoy milkweed leaves. Very cool looking beetle.

In this shot he seems to be peeking over the leaf to see what is going on...

Scoliid Wasp

Scolia dubia

They look dangerous, but these wasps are quite beneficial. The adults feed on nectar, but they sting June Bug and Japanese Beetle grubs and lay their eggs on them, upon which the emerging wasp larve feed. Hence they control those destructive grub populations.

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