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Appalachian  Critters


Timber Rattlesnake

Very uncooperative cus, this guy. Nearly walked over him on AT on my way to Unake Mountain, mid-July, 2011. His head was sticking onto the path, most of his body hidden behind a large log that was lying alongside the trail. Glad I was paying attention...

I tried to get him to move out of my way by prodding him with my walking stick, but he just starting rattling and hitting the stick, trying to bite it. I had to toss some small stones at him, one at a time. After the third or fourth he finally surrendered the path to me.

But that was our first encounter. Two weeks later I spotted him again, about a quarter mile away on the same trail. This time in some high grass and ferns along the path. That's when I took the picture seen here.


Thamnophis sirtalis

Common and non-venomous, although they can raise a bit of a stink if you mess around with them. I nearly ran over this guy with my bicycle on the Erwin Linear Path.

Photographed 7/26/2010

Queen Snake

Regina septemvittata

Another non-venemous snake, the Queen Snake, basking in the sun on a branch hanging over the Nolichucky River.

They hunt by sense of smell (even under water) and about 90-percent of their diet is crayfish. They like to pick on newly-molted ones that can't defend themselves.

Photographed 7/26/2010

Black Rat Snake

Elaphe obsoleta

Down by the "fishing pier pond" I switched from the big lens to a macro to photograph some Bluets I spotted down by the water. I was kneeling and turning and moving around for a while, then about half-way back this 7-foot snake was stretched right across between me and the path.

It was on open, cut grass -- so I figure I must have flushed him out with my movements. Way larger than any other snake I have seen here in TN so far. These Black Rat Snakes do a good job at keeping down the rodent population and are not venemous. There are copperheads around, however, and they are a different story...

Northern Water Snake swimming

Early July and I had just been thinking I hadn't spotted any snakes around for quite a while. Figured it must be the dry weather. Then I got down to "turtle pond" and low and behold, this little guy (maybe 2 1/2 feel long) was swimming, as best he could, through all the Duckweed that covers most of the pond.

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