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Many plants and animals appearing here are also available (usually downscaled versions) at my wpclipart site, where I release them into the Public Domain.

Erwin Linear Trail

This is the bridge over what I call the Turtle Pond, although I don't know of any official name for it...

It is full of different size turtles that like swimming and floating around as well as warming themselves atop logs on sunny days. Also full of minnows, bluegills, frogs, ducks, etc.

Click to view a map of Erwin Linear Trail  Because I take SO MANY pictures along this path, see the map above which links to several of the images. It will also give you a good idea of where each scene is located.

Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce page about the trail

Lazy afternoon on the Nolichucky

A hot afternoon at the end of May...

Two guys. Two tubes.
No problems.

Martin's Creek Bridge

Ducks, snakes, beaver dam above, lots of forget-me-nots along the rocky, grass-edged creek.

Kayaking practice

The linear path ends near exit 40 of i26, which is just below where lots of rafters and kayakers run some white water.

These folks were practicing rolls and such before they took on the more challenging sections of the river. Staying cool, having some fun, waiting for the rest of their party to show up.

This was the same day the tube-riding fellasa drifted past...

Wildflowers and plants. Lots of wildflowers...

Many (especially waterfowl) are from Erwin Linear Trail.

Only pictures of those on public land, so you can visit yourself w/o hassle.

Beauty Spot
Flowers and berries and critters -- a guide up to Beauty Spot with great shots along the trail.

Unaka Overlook
A 5 mile trek out of Rock Creek Park. Not part of AT, this is my "pet" trail. Awesome view.

Erwin Linear Trail
Photos and mapping of the trail that runs the length of Erwin along the North Indian Creek and the Nolichucky River.

Appalachian Trail
Photos, scenic and plants mostly, from day hikes along the AT.

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