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Many plants and animals appearing here are also available (usually downscaled versions) at my wpclipart site, where I release them into the Public Domain.

Smokey  Mountain  Flora

Blue FLowers

Blue-Eyed Grass


I read it blooms in June, but this specimen was a bit early (photographed 05/22/2011). Easy to overlook as it is a small plant, about a half-foot high and the flower is less than an inch wide. Although part of the Iris family, the plant looks like grass, and the blossoms tend to close up later in the day -- so I've likely walked right past many of them before I took this photograph.

Whitemouth Dayflower

Commelina erecta

Short plant I found from July into the Fall along the edge of woods and grass. Seems to need some shade and found it more frequently along path by the creek (although not on waters edge.) Grows right through teh grass. Big area of then was hidden under some Japanese Honeysuckles, and those were blooming well into October.

True Forget Me Not

Myosotis scorpioides

Woodland Lettuce

Lactuca floridana
(aka Florida lettuce)

Specimen found roadside during August. Flower is easy to confuse with that of the Chicory.

Blue Violet

Viola sororia
(aka common blue violet)

Actually more of a purple than a blue -- the leaves and flowers are edible and have lots of vitamins A and C, and are high in antioxidants. The Cherokee used them to treat headaches, sore throat and congestion.

Photographed early in the Spring, seen here with the flower stem having grown straight through one of last Fall's leaves.


Vinca minor

Also called Myrtle, Creeping Myrtle or simply Vinca, this is an evergreen ground cover. Usually likes some shade and blooms for a long time.

Periwinkle is native to Europe and has a long, superstitious history there -- once called Sorcerer's Violet by the French for it's use in magic. Among other claims is that it could be used to keep away demons, as well as poisons and snakes and beasts. In another book, "Perwynke when it is beate unto pouder with worms of ye earth wrapped about it and with an herbe called houslyke, it induceth love between man and wyfe if it bee used in their meales . . ."   (I think I'll leave that for someone else to verify.)

Anyway, I spied a patch of these growing atop a high bank over the Nolichucky River. I'd peddled my bicycle out to photograph the Redbud Trees and these short, lush beauties caught my eye.

Photographed 03/21/2012

Azure Bluets

Houstonia caerulea
(aka Quaker Ladies)

Delicate but bold-colored flowers. Like tufts of grass with little faces.

Captured these while starting uphill from Deep Gap, making my way up Unaka Mountain in May.

Downy Lobelia

Lobelia puberula

Dwarf Crested Iris

Iris cristata

Grape Hyacinth

Muscari neglectum

Ground Ivy

Glechoma hederacea


Consolida ambigua

(No USDA plant listing)

Common Blue Violet

Viola sororia

aka: confederate violet


Passiflora incarnata

Round Lobed Hepatica

Hepatica americana

Southern Harebell

Campanula divaricata

Tall Bellflower

Campanula americana

Virginia Spiderwort

Tradescantia virginiana

Corn Speedwell

Veronica arvensis

Tiny, early bloomer -- I spotted this little blue jewel blooming in the middle of the Appalachian Trail on March 1, 2011 about a quarter mile south of Deep Gap (by Unaka Mountain.)

This was a European import, not native to teh Americas. You can spot it's diminutive bloom anytime from early March straight through to August.

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