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Many plants and animals appearing here are also available (usually downscaled versions) at my wpclipart site, where I release them into the Public Domain.

Smokey  Mountain  Flora

Non-Flowering Plants

Wired World

Perspective can be a fickle thing. Sometimes we need to take a step back, other times we simply have to stop long enough to see what is right in front of us...

Barbed wire looks so harsh, in some ways so unnatural. But it is also fleeting.

Like vines that come and go each season -- the time scale is slightly longer, but man's wires are also, in their time, returned to the earth.

And it is fitting. I suppose, that it is the oxygen given off by plants that consumes this wire...

Photographed 06/07/2010

Ferns Under Hardwoods

This is a stylized scene along my "pet" trail (Rattlesnake) that climbs up to the Unaka Mountain overlook. The trail snakes around several ridges, alternating between pine and hardwood forest.

This was a hot, sunny day in late June and even above 4,000 feet everything was green.

Tree Ground Pine

Lycopodium dendroideum

It belongs to the ancient Lycopodiaceae family of plants which are related to the giant Lepidodendron that lived in the Carboniferous era, long before flowering plants, and grew to 100 feet in height. (Basically where our present day coal and oil came from.)

Mature plant

A club-moss, the spores are Lycopodium powder -- once used as a "flash powder" for photography and movie special effects.

Also sometimes used in Christmas decorations.

Bear Corn

This is a parasitic plant, growing from the roots of hardwoods (mostly Oaks) -- it does not photosynthesize on it's own (it has no chlorophyll), but "steals" the resources from the roots of its host tree.

I don't think it does much of any damage to the Oaks, and the bears certainly like it. It is said to be one of the Black Bear's favorite early season food sources. Also goes by the names Squawroot or Cancerroot.

Photographed 5/15/2011
Plant Sections
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Tree Groundpine...

Trumpet Vine, Turks Cap Lily...

Red Turtlehead, Showy Evening Primrose...

Cardinal Flower, Fire Pink, Southern Red Trillium...

Mimosa, Redbud...

Star Chickweed, Creeping Bush Clover...

Coltsfoot, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Rattlesnake weed...

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