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Smokey  Mountain  Flora

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Wood Sorrel

Oxalis stricta

Leaves look like clover -- I found this specimen in a mix of pines and hardwoods along the Appalachian Trail, near the Nolichucky river.

Fun facts: The leaves and flowers are edible and have a slightly bitter, lemon-ish flavor. High in vitamin C, but they also have a lot of potassium oxalate and oxalic acid, which are not good to eat in large amounts. So don't make it a staple of your diet :)
The Wood Sorrel exhibits nyctinasty, meaning, for this plant, that the leaves "fold up" for the night. (I learned a new word... sounds like a single-word oxymoron, doesn't it?)



Tussilago farfara
Spotted these 4500 feet on my way up Unaka Mountain, alongside the gravel road I took as a shortcut to the overlook. This was April 3, 2011. Still some snow left over from a couple nights before hiding in the near-shadows. This flower blooms early (likely much earlier on lower elevations) and its leaves are not yet showing. Reminds me of a redbud tree in that it blooms before it leafs out.

Yellow Star Grass

Hypoxis hirsuta

Common Evening Primrose

Oenothera biennis

Common Mullein

Verbascum thapsus



Dwarf Cinquefoil

Potentilla canadensis

Greater Tickseed

Coreopsis major

Halberd-leaf Violet

Viola hastata

Rattlesnake Weed

Hieracium venosum

Round-leaved Yellow Violet

Viola rotundifolia

Smooth False Foxglove

Gerardia laevigata

Woodland Sunflower

Campsis radicans

Mock Strawberry

Potentilla indica

Formerly Duchesnea indica, also called Indian Strawberry.

Plant looks like a strawberry, especially a wild strawberry (Frageria virginiana), but the blooms are yellow instead of white. Plant leaves look very much like the Cinquefoil which also appears on this page, but the mock strawberry has 3 leaflets per stem as opposed to the cinquefoils 5.

Berries are edible, but I have read descriptions of them as dry and tasteless... and I have to agree. It's like you took a baby strawberry, toook out all the sweetness, then mlet it sit around until it was almost completely dried out. Tastes bo-ring.

But it is a nice-looking plant and flower. And although it "yields" mostly in May and June, like a real strawberry, it continues to flower and berry late into fall.

Photographed 03/19/2012

Trout Lily

Erythronium americanum
(aka dogtooth violet)

The "trout" moniker is said to come from its leaves resembling the spots on a brook trout. Its tubers are edible raw. Plant disappears in summer, returns the next spring. Grows in colonies.

I was able to isolate this specimen by getting the shadow of a large log behind the blossom...

Photographed April 1, 2012

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