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Many plants and animals appearing here are also available (usually downscaled versions) at my wpclipart site, where I release them into the Public Domain.


Red Fork Falls

A mother and daughter on Mother's Day, 2011.

This is the largest waterfall close to Erwin, TN, at a height of around 80 feet. It is a short hike from the road, but the walk is not for everyone. Approaching the falls entails navigating a VERY steep path that has jagged rocks, roots, wet leaves and and is generally considered a bit dangerous.

Most important advice I can give you if you are going -- make sure you have BOTH one handhold and one foothold that is solid at any one time.

Lower Higgins Falls

Little bit of a steep down-climb to reach this one. Worth the effort.

Photographed 06/04/2010

Dick's Creek Falls (lower)

This one requires a couple mile hike, about a mile or so up two old (logging?) roads, a section of one being a running creekbed. Kind of neat.

Anyway, the coolest thing about the falls is that if forms a little, enclosed grotto. There's a good view from the top, looking in, and a great view from below. Got up into it as far as I could and the 9mm lens just managed to get the whole shot. Click the picture to see the large version, which shows the whole shot, side to side.

Photographed 05/21/2010

Dick's Creek Falls in Winter

I remember the snow from the Rhodedendrons making my clothes soaking wet...

I set my old, heavy Bogen tripod up right in the stream, cranked it up high, then got as comfortable as I could on the rock. Don't I look all warm and toasty?

Photographed 12/05/2010

Sill Branch Falls

Sill Branch and Pine Ridge Falls are right near each other, both about 15 miles (driving) southwest of Erwin. I remember the road well because the first time I went there, I arrived only to find I had forgotten to replace the CF card in my camera, and had to go back. (Yeah -- I'm an older guy, sometimes I forget things!)

Sill Branch is a modest falls, but it is a short (1/2 mile), pleasant hike, and the falls is in a pretty location.

Photographed 6/9/2010

Pine Ridge Falls

Pine Ridge Falls is smaller, but in a more open and verdant locale. Definitely more photographic possibilities.

I was fairly soaked by the time I got a shot I was happy with :) If you look closely at the shot, you'll notice the camera lens had a couple drops on it, as well.

Photographed 6/9/2010

Wildflowers and plants. Lots of wildflowers...

Many (especially waterfowl) are from Erwin Linear Trail.

Only pictures of those on public land, so you can visit yourself w/o hassle.

Beauty Spot
Flowers and berries and critters -- a guide up to Beauty Spot with great shots along the trail.

Unaka Overlook
A 5 mile trek out of Rock Creek Park. Not part of AT, this is my "pet" trail. Awesome view.

Erwin Linear Trail
Photos and mapping of the trail that runs the length of Erwin along the North Indian Creek and the Nolichucky River.

Appalachian Trail
Photos, scenic and plants mostly, from day hikes along the AT.

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